geographical name (Brāhmaṇa-puṣkariṇī or Bāmana-pukura)
presently known as Bāmana-pukura. According to Śrī Narahari dāsa’s Parikramā-paddhati, the place now known as Bāmana-pukura was formerly called Brāhmaṇa-puṣkara:
bāmana-pukure puṇya-grāma,
brāhmaṇa-puṣkara e vidita pūrva nāma
According to a book named Citre Navadvīpa, part of Bāmana-pukura is included in Antardvīpa and part in Sīmantadvīpa. Bāmana-pukura is presently situated north of the Yogapīṭha and east of the Bhāgīrathī. From the description in the Chapter Ten of Jaiva-dharma it appears that Brāhmaṇa-puṣkariṇī was situated just south of Bilva-puṣkariṇī, and together these two areas made up the district known as Simuliyā. This must have been the case either at the time this book was written (1896) or at the time the story is set (c.1600). On the 1916 map of Śrīdhāma Navadvīpa, however, we see that there is a considerable distance between Bael-pukura and Bāmana-pukura, and Bāmana-pukura is south of the Bhāgīrathī. This type of shift of the land and modification of the names of places is a common feature of the Navadvīpa area, largely due to the ever-changing course of the Gaṅgā and its branches flowing through Navadvīpa-maṇḍala

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  • Bāmana-pukura — geographical name (Brāhmaṇa puṣkariṇī or Bāmana pukura) presently known as Bāmana pukura. According to Śrī Narahari dāsa’s Parikramā paddhati, the place now known as Bāmana pukura was formerly called Brāhmaṇa puṣkara: bāmana pukure puṇya grāma,… …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

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